Murals Faux Finishes Decoorative Painting
Pricing & Process

Prices for murals, faux finishes and decorative painting can be determined after a consultation to view the space or discuss the project specifications, and review several factors, including: the size, scale and nature of the project, complexity of the design, the difficulty or ease of access to the work area, and the option for work to be completed on studio canvas* versus on-site. * Custom murals can be painted on canvas - a professional wallpaper hanger must be contracted to install the mural. Other factors that can affect pricing are: location (travel and lodging fees may apply), timing (e.g. the space is only available for painting at night or there is a strict deadline for completion that would incur a rush fee for scheduling), design revision fees (changes to the project during execution that were not part of the approved initial contract), special rental equipment (such as scaffolding), wall surface preparation (drywall repair, paint stripping & sanding, basecoating), special materials (not including paint or canvas), and taxes.

After the consultation, all projects are quoted at a flat fee rate of $600/day which includes all labor, equipment, painting supplies. The package quote insures that there will not be any cost overruns and only quality materials will be used in creating the artwork. Tax will be added to final invoice balance. Most faux finishes and custom painting techniques can be completed over the course of 2-4 days. Venetian plasters, faux stone and more complex, layered finishes can take from 4-10 days to complete, depending on the size of the surface area. The time frame for murals, trompe l’oeil or handpainted designs depends on the aforementioned factors. Most of the work shown in my portfolio took under 6 days to complete.
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